Prevent Overeating

One of the most popular reason that causes over weight or gaining weight is overeating. It does not matter what foods, but as long as there are extra calories intake, your body will immediately gain those unnecessary pounds. Overeating can cause more likely chances on unhealthy foods. Maintain your weight, keep on track and try those tips below to prevent overeating.


Water is known to be the rescuer for cutting down calories and extra weights on your body.

1. Drink water throughout the day can stave of hunger cravings.

2. Drink a glass of water before meals. It helps to fill up your stomach faster and reduce the amount of food intake.


3. Drink water when you feel hungry. Sometimes, you may feel hungry and craving for some foods, try to drink up a glass of water straight away, because it might not a hunger feeling but you just need some water to fill up. Don’t be so fast on grabbing the unhealthy snacks, and always know to control your mind.


Fiber is one the most important nutrients for your diets. Fiber helps you stay full longer, and as well as boosting your metabolism.


4. Eat more fiber-rich foods: berries, whole grains,…


5. Reduce the amount of food you eat with serving sizes by replacing the big plates and bowls with the smaller ones.

6. Sit down in a table while eating.

7. Remember to chew slowly and take more time really savor each little bite. By doing this, you’re allowing your brain to be able to recognize when you are full, put down the fork, spoon or whatever immediately when you are already full.


8. The prevention for overeating is right in your closet but you just don’t realize. Put on some slim-fitting outfits to help you control the portions while you’re trying not to expand your currently outfits.

9. Still hungry after meals? Try to brush your teeth and get rid of the left over pieces in your teeth.

10. Get up and move around is a way to tell yourself to stop.



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