Green Tea Facts and Benefits

Green tea is known to promote general health and weight loss. Now, even more research has been confirming the great benefits in drink green tea.

Green tea has rich amount of polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin gallate. EGCG, for short, is a powerful antioxidant and research has shown that it make help inhibit and kill cancer cells and also lower LDL cholesterol levels.

In addition, EGCG can prevent the abnormal formation of blood clots, something really important considering the formation of abnormal blood clots (thrombosis) is the leading cause of heart attacks and stroke. Further more, some studies suggest that drinking green tea can increase your metabolism and help the body to burn more fat.

Also, research has shown that regularly drinking green tea may help prevent tooth decay by killing the bacteria, which causes dental plaque.

Lastly, green tea as a good source of caffeine (about 1/3 of that in a cup of coffee which can be good if you are caffeine-sensitive), which can stimulate the central nervous system, resulting in increased alertness and mood elevation along with the various other benefits that caffeine provides.


Green tea is the number one drink that is necessary for your health during the winter. These below are the stated reasons to justify why you should drink green tea this winter:

1. Weight-loss or maintain weight: as you may have known, holiday season is the worst time to maintain weight. Drinking green tea regularly has been shown to help suppress appetite and increase your metabolism— both of which can help you save or burn a few calories while you celebrate this season.

2. Improve immune system and prevent sickness: Several studies have shown that green tea has antiviral properties; one study found that taking green tea catechin capsules helped prevent health-care workers from catch the flu, and another found that Japanese schoolchildren who drank green tea for six days a week or more were less likely to catch the flu. Now you can still go shopping and socializing but still keeping a good health. 

3. Stress relief: drinking too much coffee can give your body a high amount of caffeine intake, which causes trouble sleeping and stress. Green tea is known to contain 1/3 amount of caffeine and caffeine found in green tea is likely considered as healthy.  Replace your coffee with a cup of hot green tea now to have a good sleep and feel more relaxing.


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