20 Easy Ways to Live Healthier

As everybody can clearly understand that to be able to have a healthy life, you need to become healthier, and of course being healthy is not easy at all. The information below will guide you on how to become a healthier person.


20 Easy Ways to Live Healthier:

  1. Never skip breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal because after long hours sleeping, your body is lack of energy and your stomach is empty, by skipping breakfast you will lead to snack on more frequently throughout the day and crave more for unhealthy food. So before you get out of the house, remember to have breakfast or bring your breakfast along with you, breakfast is important because it’s the energy for the day and helps you be more active and burn more calories.
  2. Walk to work or to school: Park you car or either ask the driver to drop you far away from your work place/school and take a walk there. It’s maybe just a short distance but the more you walk the more calories will be burnt. In this way you will be more active and have a more beautiful positive day.
  3. Forget the second cup: Coffee in the morning is absolutely fine, but that second cup can leave you feeling jittery. Sub your second cup of coffee with some nice hot green tea. The tea still has caffeine but will keep you feeling balanced and helps to boost your metabolism.
  4. Eat whole foods: whole foods are so much better in nutritions and don’t give you extra hard digested calories like wheat, and they are also known to contain highly amount of fiber, which keeps you full longer.
  5. Pack your own lunch: by packing and preparing your own lunch or snack or meals when you go outside is the best way to maintain your weight. Usually when you are outside, you tempt to eat more unhealthy because it’s hard to find foods that you require on a diet. Pack your food with you to always stay healthy and stay fit.
  6. Be conscious of portions: There are many sources of blame for the current obesity epidemic in America, but we can’t look just at what we’re eating to explain the problem; how much should also be a major concern. Make sure you’re in the know about proper portions so you don’t fall victim to the potential problems that come with big plates and hefty servings.
  7. Drink more water through the day: water is the best weight loss drink. It not detoxes your body but it also moisturizes your skin and keeps your skin stays healthy.
  8. Research the restaurants ahead of time and look up the menu online: before you go out to eat with your friends or you’re simply on a vacation so you have to eat outside, research for restaurants near by your place to find the best restaurant where you still can enjoy your fun time but still stay healthy.
  9. Snack on fruits and veggies: eliminate processed foods like snack, potato chips, or sugary foods. Instead try to snack on fruits and veggies when you feel hungry or lack of energy, this way you can feel full but still maintain weight and stay healthy.
  10. Sit down at table when you eat: walking around snacking can mean adding hundreds of extra calories into your body. Mindful eating by sitting down at a table when you eat and paying more attention to your meal. You’ll be more likely to notice when you’re satisfied so you know when to stop.
  11. Eat when you’re hungry not when you’re bored: people are tempted to eat more unhealthy food when they’re bored and mistaken their boredom with hunger. Try to drink up a cup of water first and think clearly to recognize yourself and your stomach, link up your brain with your body, if you’re either hungry or you’re just bored.
  12. Take a stand: After sitting for a long period of time stand up, stretch, or go for a quick walk during the work day, because our goal is to stay active.
  13. Back of the booze: try to get rid off the alcohol and beverages and replace with water or smoothie. Alcohol and other beverages are the main causes for the inches on your belly.
  14. Laugh more, be positive.
  15. Try a new work out: staying on the same workout can bored you. Change your work out, try something new to keep yourself motivated.
  16. Keep a journal: the best way to maintain your weight and your healthy life is to make a diary, a journal. Write down your progresses along with the processes, what you eat in a day to stay on track.
  17. Find a partner in crime: sometimes it is boring to go to the gym alone, find a partner, maybe your friend is a diet and wanting to work out as well. Having a partner helps to increase your motivation, keep you on track, and look after for each others.
  18. Turn off the tube: spending countless hours in front of the TV keeps yo away from more productive activities.
  19. Shut down the electronics 20 minutes before bed time: Keeping electronics on while you sleep can disrupt your circadian and melatonin rhythms and makes you body thinks it’s still daytime. You may have a 40-minute playlist to help you drift to sleep.
  20. Go to bed on time: not getting enough sleep can lead to a whole slew of consequences of higher blood sugar to memory loss. Besides, getting enough sleep can make you feel slimmer by tomorrow.

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