5 Never Dos When You Want To Be Healthy

  1. Drink calories: such as soda, coke, pepsi, or even beer and wine. They are known to contain a huge amount of calories that cause belly bloating.
  2. Skip meals: being healthy to lose extra fats doesn’t mean you have to skip meals and put yourself in starvation. Skipping meals is known to gain more weight, because as you skip meals, your body will immediately in starvation, and later on you will be feeling even hungrier and causes you more likely to eat unhealthy junk foods. The best way to be healthy and lose extra weights is to eat 5 small meals a day. Each meal can be 2-3 hours from each other, by dividing your regular 3 big meals into 5 small meals can keep you away from feeling hungry and craving for ‘bad’ foods.
  3. Eat fried foods: such as french fries, chicken wings fried, etc. Fried foods are extremely bad for your body and health since they are deep fried and contain a massive amount of oils, which are the consequences for the inches around your belly or your hip, your thigh. Besides, fried foods can damage your body and brain in many different ways, and it’s not just a long term consequence, but a short term detriment as well. Just as a car needs good clean oil to run efficiently and not break down, your body needs food that can be digested properly and not clog the one and only “machine” you have for your entire life.
  4. Overeating and make yourself super full: not just overeating is already bad but making yourself super full is the worst thing you should ever do on the process of being healthy. By leaving yourself super full that you don’t feel like moving and drowning in laziness, this is the reason to expand your stomach and make you eat a bigger portion later on since your stomach is now wider so it is not full yet and still wanting for more.
  5. Eat sugars or grains at night: breakfast should be the heartiest meal of the day; from there, gradually lighten as you get closer to dinner. Sugar, starches and grains are more calorie-dense and are unneeded at night when the body is winding down. Instead of having something super fill full, you may have a small healthy snack before bed but just around 200 calories, and make sure you eat from 3 to 4 hours before bed time. tumblr_mt8pglhDas1sdtxrxo1_500

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