Who this blog is particularly aimed at?

This blog is created for the teenagers from 15 to 18 years old, but anyone can view this as they want.

What is the purpose of this blog?

The purpose of this blog is to explode the people knowledge of what is healthy and how living healthier can effect so much to their life.

Nowadays, teenagers are more depended on the unhealthy fast food. Because they’re fast to make or to buy, teenagers are usually in the rush, so of course they would prefer something fast to go. And on this habit, they seem to cannot control what they eat some end up having obese or blood sugar problems.

What is Obesity and What cause it? 

Obesity is typically happened by over-eating, especially the unhealthy fattening food. And since fast food restaurants are usually cheaper, they have been spreading increasingly everywhere across the world, that serve food with a high rate of fat, sugar and salt. Overweight is often linked to heart disease, diabetes (high blood sugar), high blood pressure, cancers, and others. In our modern life, children are also having overweight problems same as adults.

Your weight is resulting of many things working together; the choices you make in life, your environment (where you live nearby), your belief/religious, what you put in your mouth and your genes.

I believe there is no better medicine than the natural foods the Mother of Nature has given us and with our fitness healthy living life. All around the world, there are millions of people dying because of eating disorder of unhealthy foods, leading them to obese and other diseases, which can cause deaths. The number of people having obese and dying of the disease caused by obesity is increasing dramatically. The problem of overeating unhealthy food now becomes a very dangerous problem and I think it is extremely important to find solutions to cure this. The best and the only solution for this is to live a healthier life and exercise more often, burn those extra fats and feel much happier of being healthy.

Some people may think that my website is about self-image but it is completely not. My website is just not about losing extra weights and looking good but it is about a healthy lifestyle. You don’t become healthier just to lose weight, being healthy is not a temporarily thing, it’s the lifestyle that matters. My website is created to help people to achieve their personal goal of their health. To have a good health and a happier life, you need to eliminate the factors in which are the obstacles that dragging you back from reaching your goals. I chose to work on such a topic like this because I am inspired on living healthier and to expand the duration of our life, to survive longer.

In some cases, people been to death BUT there will always be tomorrow, so stay strong, stand up and change your lifestyle, start choosing smarter choices to make a better healthier life.



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